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Environment Management
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EU (European Union) has passed RoHS Directive in 2003, which prohibit use of the substances in products placed into the market effective July 1st, 2006. These substances contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE. In order to promote product compliance with the new laws, One Magnet has established a comprehensive program and is committed to the R & D of harmless raw materials.
Because 50% of One Magnet products are exported to the overseas, we have established long-term business partnerships with many multinational companies, whose strict requirements on quality are the power to improve ourselves in all aspects. As early as in 2001, we have carried out a close monitoring and tracking on environmental elements. Since 2002, One Magnet has set up the lead-free green process, such as the procurement of raw materials, replacement of production equipments, and the improvement of production craftworks. In 2006, we have won the certificate of Sony's "Green Partner".
Until now, One Magnet has achieved the RoHS production line and began the successful supply with RoHS-compliant magnets. At the same time, One Magnet is planning to import the RoHS testing machine and build the testing room, to ensure the enviromental control of all process.
In order to respond to global environmental protection requirements, the company has been strictly complied with relevant environmental laws and regulations, from raw material input to finished output throughout the entire process, strict control of pollution, at the same time effectively control the emission of environmental pollutants, to do its utmost to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
To make these measures more scientific, the factory formally importes ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system in 2009 ,and obtained the corresponding certificate in July. In 2011, Onemag has also successfully got the certificate of QC080000 harzard substances managements. The introduction of the system marks the environmental protection measures more scientific, more complete.