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        Launch SBO(SAP Business One) Project on March 05


        On March 05,2009, Onemag formally launched SBO(SAP Business One) Project and is estimated to be operated within two months.

        In 1997, Onemag was established in Xiamen, and now has developed into one of the most competitive manufacturers of ferrite magnet and NdFeB magnet at home and abroad. Excellent quality and abundant product series enable us to be the supplier of many respected clients, such as Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic. We have established Dongguan One Magnet and Suzhou One Magnet in Pearl River Delta and Yantze River Delta; meanwhile, agencies were set up in such countries and regions as Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany and USA. In 2008,the total annual sales turnover has been up to 200 million RMB.

        Permanent Magnet Materials industry exists in severe competition. An optimized operation system and a comprehensive & efficient business relationship will play a crucial role on enterprise development. To improve the ability to exchange information between our business partners, to improve work efficiency, and to realize resource sharing, the company decided to adopt advanced management software to achieve those aims.

        Through the strict evaluation,We decided to use advanced SAP software to help us improve the management level.

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