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        In 2014 & 2015
        1. Onemag continued to make efforts to develop new products for motors. Now the product performance and special processing capacity had been significantly enhanced.


        In 2013
        1. January, attending "CES Fair" in America.
        2. May, honored to be Sony's "Green Partner" again.
        3. June,attending "CWIEME" in Bolin, German.


        In 2012
        1. March,Chongqing One Magnet was established, which began to promote Onemag magnet in South west China.
        2. June, attending "CWIEME" in Bolin, German to develop the motor magnet market in Europe.
        3. Achieved the sales turnover USD 81.3million.


        In 2011:
        1. Made a technical update in sintering furnaces so as to improve the production capacity of Ferrite Magnet.
        2. Use the advanced Strip Casting Furnace and Hydrogen Crushing Furnace in the process of melting and making powder, to help impove the stability of magnetic property. High grade products,like N50, N48, began to be produced in batch.
        3. Begin to transform to mainly produce the small and high grade neodymium magnets,to meet the need of mobile communication companies and laptop companies. Samsung mobile, iPhone, Foxconn,Quanta,etc.
        4.Achieved USD 96.7million,due to the increasing price of raw materials and constant efforts made by Onemag.


        In 2010:
        1. January, Qingdao One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd. has been set up. Onemag began to enter into the market in North China.
        2. The yearly production capacity has been improved to 8000tons of Ferrite Magnet and 600tons of Neodymium Magnet.
        3. Achieved the sales turnover USD 47.6million in total.


        In 2009:
        1. February, attend Componex/Nepcon India 2009 at Pragati Maidan Exhibition Center, New Delhi, India.
        2. May,achieved the certification of REACH Regulations.
        3. May, won ISO14001:2004 Certification.  
        4. July,awarded as"Famous Logo of Xiamen City".


        In 2008:
        1. May, Anhui One Magnet got ISO/TS16949:2002 certificate. Onemag has began to enter into the car market.
        2. Achieved the sales turnover USD 29million in total.


        In 2007:
        1. November, One Magnet Journal,a monthly newspaper, started to publish successfully.
        2. The yearly production capacity has been improved to 6000tons of Ferrite Magnet and 400tons of Neodymium
        2. Achieving total sales turnover USD 24.8million.


        In 2006:
        1. May, Anhui One Magnet won ISO9001:2000 certificate, entering into the new stage in management system.
        2. October, Onemag sales headquarters in Xiamen moved into 9F,Lixin Plaza,No.90,South Hubin Road, Xiamen.
        3. November, passed the audit of Environmental Quality Assurance System from Sony Corporation and obtained Green Partner Certificate.
        4. Achieved export value USD 12million and total sales turnover USD 18.9million.


        In 2005:
        1. July, Anhui One Magnet started to produce NdFeB magnet.
        2. December, setting up Dongguan One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd.,serving customers in Pearl River Delta.
        3. Achieved export value USD 10million and total sales turnover breaking through USD 14.5million.


        In 2004:
        1. January, attending CES and meeting many excellent speaker manufacturers all over the world.
        2. June, Anhui One Magnet came into production of Ferrite Magnet with capacity of 600 tons at the end of 2004, Onemag has held the own Manufacturing Center ever since.
        3. Achieved export value USD 8million and total sales turnover USD 10million.


        In 2003:
        1. March, setting up Suzhou One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd.,specially serving customers in Yangtze River Delta.
        2. December, setting up Anhui One Magnet Electronic Co., Ltd.--Onemag's own production base.
        3. Onemag began to enter into the market in Western Europe. Some great companies began to use Onemag magnets.
        4. Achieved export value USD 5million and total sales turnover RMB 7.5million.


        In 2002:
        1. Onemag has become one of main suppliers for most speaker manufacturers in South East Asia.
        2. October,attending Munich Electronica 2002, began to promote magnets in Western Europe.
        3. Achieved export value USD 3million and total sales turnover RMB 4.5million.


        In 2001:
        1. February, restructured and expanded ,exploiting international markets: successively entering into markets in South East Asia as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, and Taiwan Area since May.
        2. October, attending Hong Kong Electronics Fair.
        3. Achieved export value USD 1million and total sales turnover RMB1.7million.


        In 1997:
        1. November 10, registered in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, starting domestic business on Ferrite Magnet with several local earphone manufacturers.